Is that a bad thing?

Probably. My Wii gathered a lot of dust. But after seeming hours of set up, I got to turn on the Wii U and I discovered that this thing is pretty damn cool! The Google Street View app is actually really amazing and something I recommend to anyone who has friends/relatives living overseas.


Nintendo Land has some cool single player games and I've seen video of the multiplayer stuff and it looks great. I haven't started Pikmin 3 yet but I'm eagerly awaiting it. Wonderful 101 comes out in a week and I might have to play Wind Waker again in full HD.

Still, I'm nervous. I just spent a whole lot of money on a system that supposedly doesn't even have a Metroid game in development. Who knows when we'll get Zelda. Is Nintendo going to have enough franchises to keep this thing on?



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