I didn't get it until I bought it last week and got a chance to walk around with the thing. NOW I GET IT, like the Dad from Modern Family. Standing in a Target, watching some demos on the screen or playing the Rayman demo, you don't understand that it is literally possible to stop playing Pikmin on TV and walk into your bedroom (if it's in the next room, that is) and continue playing Pikmin.

That is nuts. That is way more awesome and "next-gen" than anything Microsoft or Sony is giving you the option to do. I got home from a 6 hour car trip last night and played Earthbound from bed.


And it's just going to get better. It turns out the Wonderful 101 is an awesome frenetic action game. The Animal Crossing Plaza lets you share pictures and make comments about your favorite villagers through MiiVerse. And MiiVerse is awesome. Writing about the games and seeing people's artwork (and occasionally brain-less comments) is awesome.

Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong and Mario are all coming by the end of this year. There hasn't been much said about 2014 but you have to figure they are just getting started. These are their first crop of games working with what we call "current-gen" graphics and the games are only going to look better and better as they continue to make them.


So yeah, if you're a Nintendo veteran like I am (and I'm only 25, I know there are plenty much older than I am), go out and buy a Wii U and support Nintendo, and Japan, who are going through some tough times!

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