I thought I'd try out the Kinja blog-space by sharing some of the AC:NL photos I've shared through the 3DS browser upload service.

My biggest thrill in AC is definitely the jokes and the great writing team that works to localize the game and give it its own American flavor. On top of that, the game lets you customize so much, from your villagers catch phrases to your town's lay out and the location of its buildings.

When a villagers exclaims at the site of you and asks you if their catch phrase is getting stale, this is a rare opportunity to CHANGE THE GAME, which is a big game changer in the game of changing games. Here's an example.

Exhibit A: Kitt the Kangaroo is the only character who has asked me to customize both greeting and catch phrase. She is one kick-ass Kangaroo, for sure. This was her first combo. Then she decided it was time for another change.


This is what I've accomplished with my degree in Literature! Makin'. Bacon.

More to come soon, including my vast collection of Kapp'n lyrics.

-Agent M, Mayor of Motown